Plogging for India

Plogging for India

Now how interesting is this?

Plogging, an initiative that I helped co-start/co-promote in India about 2 years ago with my running mate Ripu Daman, is becoming mainstream.

When the Indian government puts out ads encouraging everyone to go run & plog on 2 October – Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday – then, who knows, perhaps some sort of societal change is actually under way.

As someone who loathes garbage, and the seeming blindness that most citizens of India have towards it – see my latest post – I am THRILLED by this initiative!

Absolutely thrilled.

There are ads everywhere, encouraging people to go out & plog 2km on the 2nd.

Seriously, if this can take off as a social movement (rather than a one day photo op) I will be beyond happy.

Imagine India without its mountains of trash and its filthy littered streets…

What needs to be stressed is that this is absolutely NOT just a movement aimed at runners. Yes, the idea is to get the country fit(ter) but you can just as easily walk and pick up trash.

Please don’t get put off by the “jog” part of the equation.

For what it’s worth, this is why I’m sharing this news in my general blog as opposed to my running blog (

I truly want to encourage every person who reads this to go out and do their bit. On October 2nd for sure, but why not every day?

For every person out walking in my local park, who says “good job” when they see me plogging (but NEVER offers to help) – for every person like that, please, please, please – start.

Start picking up the trash.

One plastic bag picked up from the side of the road, is one plastic bag less. One chip packet properly disposed of, is one less packet spoiling the park.

I’m going to plog with my running group on the 2nd.

But what I would really and truly love is for all you non-runners amongst my readers to go out and plog (I know who you are…evil cackle!). Please send me photos of you in action/of the trash you collected and I will do a follow up blog on how the plogging initiative went.


Let’s do this! Whatever it takes.

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