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September 29th, 2019

Ah India…

So there I was, this beautiful cool Sunday morning, driving back home after a run along Raj Path.

Raj Path is a wide road that links India Gate & Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of the President of India.

Today Raj Path was a woeful sight.


Barriers everywhere.

Tents being put up for some function or other, with all the attendant garbage.

There is a small colony of beggars living near one of the lawns, right by India Gate, where I parked. There were 2 men defecating in the open when I arrived, and when I left another man was casually urinating into a flower bed. (And there are public toilets about 100 metres away).

A dismal, squalid state of affairs on what should be a place of pride for the country.

Small wonder that I drove home feeling pretty downbeat, despite the fab weather, and then…

…and then…

…on Race Course Road, where the PM lives, I heard a clip-clopping sound, stopped the car in the fast lane (no one seemed to mind for a change, which was nice) & watched as this happened:

I put my phone down, switched off my emergency flashers (I was stationary in the fast lane, remember) and was about to set off when…

India…sometimes you really are wonderful and amazing 🙂

2 comments to Ah India…

  • We could do with some wonderful and amazing sights these days, Christine. Thank you for providing some.

  • Yes, I know the tents you are talking about. Some Festive season all-states ethnic fair. It gets a lot of artisans in from the villages. And yes, from them the open defecating thing is a habit.
    A similar site can be witnessed every September in Chennai on the marvellous Eliot’s Beach where truckloads of rural folks live on the beach to participate in the Velankanai Church Festival. They don’t even use the sand to cover it up.
    But the worst experience I had was when the War Memorial at India Gate was a fortnight from it’s opening. If you remember they had fenced off the area with regular tin sheets. I run my Friday night half marathons there and prefer the paved surface because I run barefoot. I saw some liquid trickling out of the lawns on to the pavements. I sidestepped and went on to the tar road. As I passed by, the smell told me what the liquid was!

    Fortunately I was carrying my running slippers too.

    So, while Urban India is a bit conscious and furtive about open defacation, Rural India learly is not!

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