Every dog has its day

Every dog has its day

Today it is Diwali and (somewhat puzzlingly) it is also “Kukur Tihar”, a Nepalese festival honouring dogs and their loyal, faithful service to mankind.

I always though Kukur Tihar preceded Diwali, but I am so tired after my climbing trip that perhaps my brain has misunderstood things.

I was in Kathmandu yesterday, where it was most definitely Kukur Tihar, and all the street dogs were lolling around with marigold garlands.

Yet today we celebrated this festival with our own dogs…ach, who cares about dates at this stage?

The fact remains that this is one of the nicest festivals I know, and I fully endorse a suggestion on Twitter today that this is most definitely a festival that should go global.

This was our puppy Leia’s first Kukur Tihar, and despite the sadness at our darling Yoko not being there to scoff all the biscuits, it was a lovely ceremony in the garden.

The Bahadurs garlanded the dogs with marigolds, and gave them a tikka, followed by the biscuits, that are the main event for the dogs, if I’m being honest.

A lovely little puja for our dearest dogs, and as you can see from the last photo, Leia relished the digestive biscuits 🙂

Happy Diwali everyone, and please please please don’t burst crackers tonight.

Just think how terrified all the animals will be, poor darlings.

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