“Best time to be in India”

“Best time to be in India”

This quoth our PM in Bangkok today, Sunday 3 November.

“I am eager to give you a picture of some positive changes happening in India today. I say this with full confidence, this is the best time to be in India,” PM said while speaking at an event here, where he outlined various endeavours of the government of India.

PM Modi spoke about India’s improved position in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business (EODB) ranking and said, “Many things are rising while others are falling. Ease of doing business, ease of living, FDI, forest cover, patents, productivity are rising while taxes, tax rates, red-tapism, corruption, cronyism are falling. The corrupts are running for cover.”

Meanwhile back in “best time” north India, this was the air quality earlier this afternoon, in New Delhi, the national capital:

To be sure, in Bangkok Mr. Modi was talking about the country in general, not the specific problem of the deathly toxic air that is covering most of north India, including the capital city, Delhi.

About this toxic, killer air that has closed schools and business – about this poisonous air, our esteemed PM has said not a word.

Not one word.

However, all is not lost.

Just because our PM chooses not to speak out about the terrible pollution, we poor benighted Delhi-ites must not lose faith.

Help is at hand.

We must eat carrots.

So says our esteemed Health Minister:

There has been a whole lot more inanity commentary from our venerable politicians, all brilliantly summed up by the always excellent scroll.in.

Please do read the article.

For those of you who don’t know India, it might go some way to explaining how frustrated so many of us feel here. You pay your taxes, you lead as good a civic life as you can, you try and stay healthy, and you end up with toxic air, and ministerial suggestions to burn holy fires and eat carrots.

With the PM’s ringing endorsement of, and I quote, improved “forest cover” and improved “ease of living”, clearly we are living in a best of times worst of times scenario…


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