Whoa!!! You mean India’s pollution is actually all Pakistan & China’s fault?

Whoa!!! You mean India’s pollution is actually all Pakistan & China’s fault?


I am SERIOUSLY fed up. I have just learned the possible truth behind the toxic air that is engulfing Delhi and much of northern India.

And you are NOT going to believe it!

The vile, toxic pollution that is wreaking havoc on the health of millions of us in north India may actually all be the fault of Pakistan and China.

Can. You. Believe. It?

Yesterday, I shared with you the fabulous news, from one of our esteemed national BJP leaders, that Indian cows produce golden milk.

Now just listen to the words of yet another esteemed BJP leader, Vineet Agarwal Sharda, but this time (sadly) his pronouncement is not as happy-inducing as the news about the cows.

Listen to what the respected Mr. Sharda had to say about the current state of pollution in the country:

There is a possibility that this poisonous gas could have been released by any neighbouring country which is afraid of us. I feel that Pakistan or China are afraid of us”

But, thank the good Lord above, calm heads prevail in our government:

The BJP leader said the two leaders PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah whom he referred to Lord Krishna and Arjuna from the epic Mahabharata, were capable of solving all problems.

“Whenever Pakistan fought a war with India, it was defeated. Since Narendra Modi and Amit Shah came, Pakistan has become frustrated…This is a time of Krishna and Arjuna. Modi as Krishna and Amit Shah as Arjuna together will take care of it.”


And as for blaming the farmers who are burning stubble in the neighbouring states around Delhi, Mr. Sharda has a few stern words on that score, too:

“People including Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal say pollution is caused by stubble burning or industrial emission. The farmer is the backbone of our country. Farmer and industries should not be blamed.”

I’m just sorry that the eminent Mr. Sharda didn’t have time to address the pesky issue of all those satellite images of stubble burning. Like this NASA photo from Tuesday:

But I am confident that there is a perfectly good explanation for this.

(Thanks Indiatoday.in for the intel)

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