When cyber becomes real

When cyber becomes real

This story comes with a formal apology to my 2 children (now adults) whom I used to hassle and harangue about cyber-safety when they were children, and when the internet was a bit of an unknown quantity.

We’ve all come a long way since then, and I have become reckless enough to ignore my own advice to my children. “Never agree to meet with someone you’ve only talked to online” – or words to that effect.

Still very pertinent advice, I know, but today I broke my own rules and met up with one of my cyber friends.

For real!

The wonderful Mad Shenker has been a cyber friend of mine for years now. Mad is based in Maryland, I’m here in Delhi. From Mad’s regular and very nice comments on this blog, we became Facebook friends, without ever having met – yeah, I know, I know, exactly the kind of behaviour that I warned my children against.

And today we met up for coffee in Khan Market and what a wonderful thing it is to discover that a lovely, lovely, LOVELY person is – well – just that.


I’d always guessed she’d be super, from the kinds of quick cyber chats we’ve had over the years, but the real McCoy is even better.

So hello no-longer-cyber-but-real-girlfriend πŸ™‚

No comments, please, about my sweaty, raggedy appearance, but I did run before we met…just in case you all think I look like this all the time πŸ˜›

So, conclusion?

Ignoring my own advice was a definite winner!


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