When will India wake up to the fact that sexual attacks on women are indefensible?

When will half of the population be able to live and work and play and move around freely?

When will the raping stop?

When will these evil men get their just punishment?

I am SICK to death of reading, day after day after day, that another bastard has raped, that another bunch of bastards has gang raped.

The last day or so have been horrific.

A 26 year old is gang raped, set on fire and murdered.

A minister then says the young woman should have called the police helpline, and not her sister, when she felt uncomfortable about the men who would eventually rape and murder her.

How DARE he say something like this?

According to this young woman’s family, when they went to the police because they couldn’t contact her on her mobile, they were sent from one police station to another, because the police could not decide whether the case fell in their jusrisdcition or not.

There, Mr. Minister, you have you answer in one.

Women do not trust the police.

I am SICK to death of reading claptrap like this statement below from our government :

“The ministry of home affairs will send an advisory to all states as a precautionary measure so that no such incident takes place in the future…”

That was Mr. Reddy, a government minister speaking.

How DARE he utter such pathetic tripe?

“Send an advisory…so that no such incident takes place in the future”…my foot!

This country doesn’t need advisories.

It needs two things.

  1. It needs a societal overhaul. Boys and men need to learn how to behave.

2. And until that societal overhaul takes place, which will take time, there needs to be swift, visible, drastic punishment.

If these raping bastards see that other raping bastards get caught and dealt with swiftly, it might make them pause for thought.

It will soon be 7 years since young Jyoti Singh was raped, eviscerated and murdered on a Delhi bus.

Has justice been done?

Has anything changed?

From my morning paper…

To give you an example of the endemic nature of the problem, let me share with you what happened to me a week ago.

I was running in my local park last Saturday morning, when a group of about 50/60 teenage boys, probably between the ages of 16-18, from a government school – all in school uniform and with a rather laconic teacher in tow – started catcalling and jeering and micmicking me and taking photographs of me.

And I am a senior citizen, for crying out loud.

Old enough to their grandmother.

I retaliated by shouting at them, and then running past them to find their teacher, who wasn’t unduly outraged.

He made them apologise,

“Madam-ko sorry boliye”. (Say sorry to Madam).

But there was no outrage by their teacher at these little creeps who, if their behaviour doesn’t undergo a drastic overhaul, will grow into creepy men.

As I said, I’m an old woman, and I take no shit from people.

Imagine if it had been a lone young woman, more attractive and interesting to them, and perhaps not as ready to tackle these little bastards as I was.

It makes your blood run cold.

(And in conclusion – yes, I know I’d said a while ago that I’d ease up on the bad news and concentrate on the good and the funny, but the sexual violence against women in this country is a subject that needs to be tackled, and for that we all have to speak up.)


  1. Shukla

    Pathetic pathetic pathetic…
    Words fail me… as do the bums of these ministers…

    Enraged more often than not at their words, sometimes, however irrational it may sound, it seems these ministers should also be punished…

  2. Amita Sahaya

    It’s sickening, repulsive and springs from a terribly skewed toxic male culture. The example you gave about your own experience just about sums it up, including the apathetic teacher’s.

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