India & her women. 3 December 2019

India & her women. 3 December 2019

Every day.

Every damned day.

Over the years, here in this blog, I’ve charted the sexual violence against women, and all the shameful excuses men use to excuse this violence.

Wear jeans, get raped.

Have a mobile, get raped.

Eat chow mein, get raped.

So, what, pray did a darling little 6 year old girl do wrong? Other than have the tragic misfortune to be targeted by a 39 year old piece of scum.

This story, all 15 lines of it, made the front page.

These stories, below, all made the inside “round up” of horror stories:

I told you yesterday that parliament was discussing the crisis of violence towards women.

Here are some of their comments and one insane suggestion.

From a woman. And a prominent woman, to boot:

Ms Bachchan, really?

Are you really advocating public lynchings?

I despair.

At the horrific problem of sexual violence we face.

And at idiots who make such a dangerous suggestion.

God help the women of India.


      1. It gets worse and worse, Christine. The police have shot all those 4 fellows, pretending that they were trying to escape ( at 3 am for god’s Sake!) and one doesn’t even know if they were the guilty ones. We are rapidly becoming a criminal nation. Devastating!

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