Isn’t it vile, that I have enough material every damned day, to do this?

Day after day after day, India’s women – young and old – are brutalised.

This was on the front page this morning:

And these are rapes that didn’t make it to the front pages…

I actually can’t bring myself to comment on this. Not that I need to.

You can all interpret the news as well as I.

As if this litany of horrors were not enough, we have politicians to contend with.

In the midst of the current uproar about the violent rape and murder of a young woman in Hyderabad last week, India’s finest, her elected politicians have been sharing their views.

Just listen to what a Union Minister AND A WOMAN TO BOOT has to say:

What is wrong with this woman?

What earthly connection is there between a rape victim’s age and her right to justice?

Is Ms Badal implying that in the eyes of the legal system, an older woman being raped isn’t as important as a child being raped?

How dare she?


I am caught between fury and grief at what this country is doing and saying.

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