December 9th, 2019

India & her women. 9 December 2019

It’s already started.

The gentle hints that I should perhaps stop blogging so much about sexual assaults in India.

How about this – I’ll stop when there’s nothing to report.

How does that sound?

This (below) is what was in the daily round up in my morning paper.

Just imagine. Needing a special section for all these horrific attacks :

In the same paper it was reported that our Prime Minister “…stressed the role of effective policing in ensuring that women feel safe and secure…” which is, I acknowledge, a first step.

I’m not sure our esteemed PM has hitherto actually addressed the spate of sexual attacks as such (please correct me if I’m wrong) but at least he said something about the need for effective policing.

The Vice President of India went a step further:

“Bringing new laws is no solution. I am not against bringing any new law or bill. We bought a new bill after Nirbhaya (the horrific 2012 Delhi gang rape) What happened? Was the problem solved?”

Good on you, Sir.

Well done.

VP Naidu went on:

“So, what I always feel that what is required is not a bill rather a political will and administrative skill to kill the social evils of the society and change in the mindset is the need of the hour and that we should go back to the roots and culture…” (sic)

Sir, if I might be so bold – you started off fantastically, with your “political will and administrative skill” comment, but I’m really not so sure about your going “back to roots and culture” bit.

But I’ll let you explain what you mean in your own words, as you did in your speech:

“In Indian culture we treat a woman as a mother, a sister…”

Oh dear.

Why can’t a woman be treated as woman, in her own right, rather than as a male appendage?

Why always a mother or a sister?

So, Sir, a couple of good points, for which I applaud you, but harking back to roots does worry me.

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