India & her women. 10 December 2019

India & her women. 10 December 2019

God, but it’s tough opening the morning papers.

The Delhi staple of toxic, polluted air almost pales into insignificance.

At a little after midnight, parliament passed a new citizenship bill, which has shocking implications for the very essence of what India stands for.

A fire in an illegal factory set up illegally in a crowded street. No access for fire engines. Over 40 poor workers burned to death. And the usual blame game, a staple here, whereby no-one is to blame.

And then, of course, the sexual attacks.


So unabated, especially in a state like Uttar Pradesh, which has seen some of the most, that

As to whether they will do so is another matter altogether.

But if the mere proposal to set up over 200 fast track courts doesn’t indicate the magnitude of the problem, then I don’t know what does.

Another day.

Another horrific roll-call of violence and abuse.

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