India & her women. 11 December 2019

India & her women. 11 December 2019

The cheek of it.

The sheer bloody effrontery of the man and his legal team.

Just read (below) what one of the convicted rapists in the infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape case pleaded, in an appeal against the death sentence handed down to him.

If it were not such a horrific case, this would almost be laughable. It isn’t remotely laughable of course. It is a desperate attempt by an evil raping bastard to escape death, but the chutzpah of the man, quoting the scriptures and citing pollution in his defence…

“Life is going short to short, then why the death penalty?” (sic)

If you can bear to, read the middle column (above).

“The petition…argued that the certainty of punishment was an effective deterrent, not severity of punishment.”

As I said, if it were not so horrific a case, the idea of a convict pleading for an overhaul of the criminal justice system would be laughable.

But it isn’t.

Yes, the justice system in India does indeed need to be reformed, to be speeded up, but a convicted rapist can damn well keep quiet, in my view.

And meanwhile, the violence continues.

Set on fire for resisting rape.

God help us all.

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