India & her women. And a possible execution. 12 December 2019

India & her women. And a possible execution. 12 December 2019

On 16 December, it will be 7 years since a young woman, Jyoti Singh Pandey, was gang-raped, tortured, eviscerated and left for dead on a cold Delhi roadside.

The extreme violence and brutishness of that Delhi gang rape shook society, but 7 years on, we don’t seem to have progressed at all as a society.

You only have to read some of my posts from the last week, to see that terrible, violent attacks on women continue in India.

My morning paper reported that Tihar jail, where the 4 surviving rapists are housed, seems to be prepping for an execution. Ordering ropes. testing the gallows, that kind of thing.

My bet is that a decision will be taken before the 16th, but I may be wrong.

To be honest, there will hardly be anyone in the country who will mourn the death of these evil men.

They were 6 rapists. One committed suicide in prison.

The other, reportedly the most violent of them all, was apparently a few months shy of his 18th birthday – according to his apparently dodgy looking school papers – and so served only 3 years and has been out for years.

No comment.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted…

And despite the uproar and the outcry of 7 years ago, on and on it goes. Violence. Unchecked.

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