Your Hindi word of the day: Zahar

Your Hindi word of the day: Zahar

As in poison.

As in “Oh bloody hell, the puppy has just eaten half a box of chocolates that hubby left on his bedside table, and by the way, HOW many times have I asked him not to do that, but never mind that now, focus, oh hell, chocolate is toxic for dogs, and jeepers how do I explain to Bahadur, and what’s the word for poison, and calm down, woman, just calm down, breathe…”


All of that just happened.

Fingers crossed the greedy puppy will have nothing more than a dicky stomach.

Idiot creature.

And now you know the Hindi word for poison…

And I really would like you all, please, to keep those fingers crossed for our little Leia, that nothing worse than a bad stomach will happen.


  1. Charlotte ter Haar

    Glad to hear Leia is OK. Back in the 60s, before we knew chocolate was toxic to dogs, our Doberman ate in one go an ENORMOUS bar of Bournville dark chocolate that was supposed to be her Christmas present for the whole year….. she survived, though she did look very green for a while, having eaten not only the chocolate but also the paper and gold foil.

  2. Su Sheppard

    I had Emma’s Grey, Holly Potato to stay just before Christmas once. She managed to tear open the packaging on a glass vase filled with handmade truffles, eat the truffles and then leave the glass complete with wrapping and ribbon close by. She had also eaten roast coffee beans from Cameroon once – bounced for days! Glad to know Leia is doing well, and keep H’s choccies under lock and key!!

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