Breaking news!! Crying for the beloved country

Breaking news!! Crying for the beloved country

India, my adopted home, is looking and feeling very bleak today.

On a practical (& very self-indulgent) level, Delhi, where I live, is freezing, and grey and overcast, and I’m sitting at my computer writing this while wearing 3 layers of clothing, it’s so cold.

But it is the malaise sweeping the country, and the apparent police brutality, and the indifference of the government to what the people are saying – those are the factors making so many of us who love this country and live here (in my case chosen to live here) that is what is making us all feel so bleak.

Today is the 7th anniversary of the horrific Delhi gang-rape, an attack so brutal that it still resonates with everyone who lives here.

I’ve been sharing with you over the past couple of weeks daily updates on the country-wide sexual violence towards women.

And now citizens and students across the country are protesting the changes to the citizenship and nationality laws the government has just introduced – laws that are threatening to change to balance of tribal society in the country’s wonderful NE, and laws that blatantly discriminate against Muslims.

Citizenship being linked to religion is at the heart of the protests, which turned violent here in Delhi last night, when the police raided Jamia Millia Islamic university and attacked students.

Here are a couple of calm, unpartisan reports for you to read, to give you the background to the protests:



There are big protests planned for 6pm at India Gate (it’s 4pm now) & talk online of Section 144 being imposed.

Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) of 1973 authorises the Executive Magistrate of any state or territory to issue an order to prohibit the assembly of four or more people in an area. According to the law, every member of such ‘unlawful assembly’ can be booked for engaging in rioting.

Things are grim, friends.



But thank God for the calm students of JMI, who are forming human chains to allow traffic to flow, and who are backed by their Vice Chancellor and their university.

Praying that the students stay safe.


  1. Arjun Singh

    N as for the people who are protesting,
    Well, 99% of them really dont have an idea about any policies regarding it. N the rest 1% just add the fuel to the fire amongst the hearts of these 99% misguided people.

  2. Arjun Singh
    Or would you rather believe the words of these students who comes from country’s best institutions, institutions that delivers India’s top quality students, institution that never descriminates its students based on their religion.
    Yes, there are more students fight for CAA than fighting against it. But they never resorted to violence so you might have missed that in the news (peaceful n positive things are usually given a miss by the media)

  3. Arjun Singh

    Christine Pemberton Mrs. Pemberton, first of all i would like to thank you for acknowledging my comment n responding accordingly.
    Well i dont know whether over 20 years is enough, maybe you still hasnt got the idea that everything in India is politised you may see a few students from a certain institution fighting against this act in the name of ‘Secularism’ (the university that offers them 50% religious based admissions) n the students who never protested against anyone else other than Muslims. Hundreds of atrocities takes place in India every year but you’ll never see the same students from a certain institution protesting against.
    The last time they protested was when Delhi Police killed 3 terrorists n captured 1 n 1 was able to flee away in Delhi’s Okhla Area (operation was known as Batla House Encounter)
    N these same students tried to protect someone who was found guilty under terrorism act by court, n the other person who ran away joined ISIS (his interview is available on youtube which he gave to correspondents in Syria)
    N they protested once before as well, it was for a renowned terrorist named Afzal Guru (you may search about it him at Google)
    Now the students who cared for non other except the people from their own religion. That too violent people in most cases.
    Is it justified?!, would you believe the words of such students.

  4. Arjun Singh

    You’ve been getting your news about the protests from ill knowledged platforms. Look for any authentic India media like TOI n you’ll know the truth. There was no police brutality until police were attacked with stones n buses were burned.
    Here in the pics below is a girl (a big supporter of a terrorist who attacked our parliament in 2001) n she’s not a student but is seen in every protest.
    You’ve not been here long enough to understand that all these protests from these useless ARTS Colleges are never authentic n are mere politcal stunts.

    1. Christine

      Thanks Mr. Singh, for your comment. Curious as to how long I must live here to understand. Does over 20 years count? Or is that not long enough? Does having an Indian husband count towards understanding things? Or not? But then, after all, I am a useless ART graduate myself.

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