India & her women.  And a raping bastard convicted. 16 December 2019

India & her women. And a raping bastard convicted. 16 December 2019

16 December is the terrible anniversary of a terrible crime that shook Delhi.

A young woman, Jyoti Singh, was gang-raped, tortured, & eviscerated before she died, some days later.

Fast track justice was promised, but 7 years on, people are still waiting.

And yet the attacks on women continue, despite the promise, 7 years ago, of a slew of new laws and measures.

So, unsurprisingly, it is with a heavy heart, that I share today’s crop of horrors with you…

Firstly, the reality on the ground is this:

There are simply not enough women police officers to handle the crimes being reported.

Then there is this fact:

In this whole sordid picture, there was only one glimmer of hope today – the news that at least one raping bastard has been convicted.

A BJP politician raped a minor, and then proceeded to harass her and her family in a manner that defies the imagination – a car crash managed to kill 2 of her aunts and the girl herself was severely injured. Her father was framed in a case, arrested and died in judicial custody.

Beyond sickening & terrifying on every level.

But now this murderer and rapist has been convicted.

That is the one piece of good news. It will not un-rape the poor child, nor bring her family back to life, nor un-injure her, but in a country where the powerful, and the powerfully connected, regularly get off scot-free, this is a major step.

Now let’s hope he gets the maximum sentence.

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