Photo of the day

Photo of the day


Not what you think.

Not a photo from today’s country-wide protests, here in India.

Today my thoughts turn to Macau.

“Why?” do I hear you ask?

Well, because this week Macau is marking 20 years of being back in the fold of the motherland, China, that’s why.

And so I trawled through my old transparencies of visits over the years to this tiny enclave, and came up with these 2, taken 30 years apart…and shared them on one of my Instagram accounts – decadeography.

Whaddya mean, “shameless plug”?

Of course it is 😛

Anyway, here are 2 views of the most iconic monument in Macau, the ruins of the 17th century St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The first is in 1987, when we were honeymooning.

The 2nd was taken 30 years later when we were (how did you guess?) on a 30th anniversary trip back there.




Just about the only building we could find, 30 years on, was the yellow one, at a diagonal angle near the foot of the cathedral façade.

It was fairly prominent in 1987, but as you can see, it is virtually hidden in 2017. In ’87, we’d posed for a photo with the slightly crumbling yellow facade behind us.

Ah well.

It’s called progress…

And, yes, if you feel like following decadography, that would be super!

(I felt we all deserve a break from the grim political news for a while 🙂 )

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