India & her women. 20 December 2019

India & her women. 20 December 2019

Today, the news – at least here in freezing cold Delhi – is all about the massive anti-government protests yesterday, that brought much of the city to a standstill & speculation that the protests will continue

I have been gripped by the news, but not enough to forget my fellow women.

Yesterday, thank goodness, the Delhi High Court rejected a claim by one of the Delhi gang rapists, all facing the death penalty, that he was a juvenile at the time.

The evil bastard had the nerve to claim (& I quote the Hindustan Times here) “his bone calcification test was not conducted by the investigating officer.”

The fact that he’s trying this line of defence (for which his lawyer got fined – hip hip hooray) shows how desperate he is. Another of the rapists got off with 3 years in a juvenile home for claiming he was a month or so shy of his 18th birthday, when he raped and eviscerated Jyoti Singh.

But this man only chooses to remember his age now?

Makes you sick.

Here are today’s stories, featuring a nun, a toddler and an 18 year old girl:

When will it all end?

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