India & her women. And a powerful statement. 19 December 2019

India & her women. And a powerful statement. 19 December 2019

Delhi is witnessing unprecedented protests against the government’s decision to link citizenship to religion, and I couldn’t be prouder of the citizens of this city who are out there, fighting the good fight.

Meanwhile, another battle continues to wend its way through the Indian courts – namely the appeals of the rapists of 2012 Delhi gang-rape against the death sentence. For 7 years, these evil men have sat in jail, & now that (finally) they appear to be running out of time, the Supreme Court has refused the appeal of one of them, seemingly paving the way for his execution.

He has the final right to file a curative petition, we are told, and when the mother of young Jyoti broke down on hearing this, the judge said the following:

“I have full sympathy with you…We are here to listen to you but are also bound by the law.”

The solicitor general went even further, in these powerful, deeply moving words:

The issue of rape is huge in this country, and when you know that for sure many rapes go unreported, even so, the official figures are shocking:

Meanwhile, another rapist saw fast track justice being meted out:

In a heart-breaking story, these poor little babies had their lives snuffed out by the one man who was supposed to protect them:

And a child rapes a child:

I suppose he’ll plead his age as a mitigating factor, too.

If he’s old enough to rape…

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