Now about my grown-up advent calendar…

Now about my grown-up advent calendar…

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (and thank you SO much, by the way) you’ll have seen that for the past 23 days I’ve been sharing the morning door-opening in my brilliant Nespresso advent calendar.

It’s been a real blast from the past, & I’ve had such fun opening the calendar doors, and even more fun reading all the super comments people have sent me.

Yesterday, someone here in India said that they’d never ever heard of advent calendars until my Insta stories and a recent movie they’d just watched.

So I thought I’d do a quick post about Advent calendars, as I gear myself up for the trauma of opening the last door tomorrow, Christmas Eve 🙁

Firstly, Advent is the 4 week lead-up to Christmas, and like many Christians, I mark this period by lighting a candle on each Sunday of Advent. Yesterday, the 4th Sunday of Advent, I lit all four candles.

As children we were given an Advent Calendar, with a little door to open for each day from 1st December-24th December, and there would be a tiny chocolate behind the door. I remember my childhood calendars being made of stiff cardboard, with a nativity scene and all the little doors waiting to be opened, each numbered from 1-24.

I continued this calendar tradition with my own children, often asking friends to send them from England, when we lived in countries where they were not available.

Over the years I guess the religious aspect of the calendar faded somewhat since you can get calendars with pictures of sport, of Santa (who is Christmassy, agreed, but not religious) and, yes, even coffee.

My calendar was a cube.

And it contained a different coffee capsule for each day. Here’s the first day “opening”:

So yes, agreed, not at all ‘religious” but it did make me consciously mark the days.

And it has been great fun.

And it did take me back to my childhood.

And clearly lots of people have enjoyed my morning surprise as well, which is super nice 🙂

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