What fresh hell is this?

As a cold-weather-hater of note, our current Delhi weather is hard to take.

When London at 2am is warmer than Delhi at 8am, it proves that the world has officially gone mad.

Completely bonkers weather.

Woke up to 4C, leaden grey skies just about visible through the fog, and severe pollution. It’s like the worst possible combo all rolled into one.

So today will almost certainly see me in 4 layers of thermals, as opposed to the standard 3. Well, to be fair, not all layers are thermals, but I guess double Uniqlo pufferjackets indicates the degree of chill?!

And, as ever, in this troubled, troubling country, there are the desperately poor. The marginalised. The slum dwellers.

The thought of pavement dwellers sleeping rough in this weather is enough to make you weep. If we are feeling the cold, with our duvets and thermals and old-but-trusty heaters that we trundle from room to room, just imagine the brutality of sleeping rough.

Damn it, my dogs are better cared for than many citizens of this country. The dogs have coats, they have a padded bed each, they have food, water, meds when needed…

And on cue, we’ve just had the 3rd power cut this morning.

To everyone else shivering in Delhi and north India, in what is apparently the coldest December in a century, stay warm and cosy. Avoid the polluted air out there. Just stay home with your loved ones, in other words 🙂


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