Happy 2020 everyone!

Happy 2020 everyone!

Wherever you are in the world, dear reader, here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful 2020.

Good health, peace and happiness are on my wish list for you all.

We saw in 2020 in Bangkok, watching a super fireworks display as the old year made way for the new.

Crossing Saphan Taksin (bridge) at about 4.30/5pm we could hardly move for dozens of professional-grade tripods already set up, clearly staking a claim to the view of Icon Siam’s fireworks.

For a shopping centre that only opened a year ago, it truly has already become an Icon.

Later that evening, as midnight approached, we were overlooking the Chao Phraya river and there was a nautical traffic jam of note below us.

The party boats that usually go up and down the river in the evenings, all gaudily lit up and belting out disco music, were out in force last night. They all headed towards Saphan Taksin, where they moored, so word was clearly out on the street (well, on the river to be more accurate) that this was the firework display to watch.

On the stroke of midnight, fireworks lit up the city skyline, for all of 5 minutes. The smoke almost immediately dissipated and that was that.

Short ‘n sweet and (one hopes) not too pollute-y.

And that’s how you see in 2020 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

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