January 3rd, 2020

So Delhi gets its very own smog tower


This is – I hope – encouraging news for the New Year.

When we left Delhi on 30 December, the pollution was really bad, the air was filthy & toxic, & we left in a flurry of coughing & stinging eyes.

Cue to this morning’s news that I read online from sunny, clear-skied Thailand.

Delhi now has a smog tower.

As in one smog tower.

Poor thing will have its work cut out, to try and deal with the city’s filthy air, but let’s see if it is simply the first in a massive battalion of future smog towers…’cos one lonely fella ain’t gonna cut the mustard.

There are all kinds of facts & figures about our very own jollily coloured smog tower, but I won’t blind you with too much science & I’ll share just two facts with you:

Please note the size vs a smog tower in China

Please note the sphere of influence of the smog tower

So, despite its patriotic colours (it’s painted in the 4 colours on the Indian flag) the poor thing would appear to be a little on the puny side…

But no!

It’s the New Year and we should all be positive & upbeat, so let me simply wish this 20ft high tower all the very best.

And how lucky are the people in Lajpat Nagar who live close by.

I wonder what will happen, and how it will all play out.

Will people congregate on the scruffy, litter-strewn patch of land (see photo below) to breath in clean air?

A story to be followed with interest.

4 comments to So Delhi gets its very own smog tower

  • Catriona

    It’s very close to me – I will keep you posted!

  • christine

    Catriona, you read my mind. Please won’t you go & report back for me? Thanks so much in advance

  • Shukla

    Is it from the same Govt, which erects a 3000 Cr statue, displacing thousands, and lots of largest in the world flags…?
    China’s smog tower in Shanghai, by the way, is 328 ft tall, that’s 16 times this puny little tower.

    Can the top leadership hear these words? Or are the three people too busy cutting off internet access?

  • christine

    Shukla, what can we say or do, in the face of such blindness to the real issues vexing us?

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