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January 9th, 2020

Oh good Lord

Waking up in sunny Bangkok to breaking news of a very British kind.

Prince Harry and Ms Markle are stepping down as senior royals.

Oh my giddy aunt.

Whatever is the world coming to?

Actually, there’s no need to answer that, is there, because we all know the answer already.

2020 is only a week old, & we are already feeling defeated by the devastating Australian infernos + Trump’s terrifying lunacy. For those of us in India, the unfolding crisis in the country is deeply worrying.

So, yes, the world is giving a very good impression of going to hell in a handcart.

And now we have THIS.

I’m not a fan of many members of the royal family, and yes indeed, funnily enough, Prince Andrew does spring immediately to mind.

BUT I do think HM the Queen is wonderful, and after a horrid 2019, the dear lady deserves a lovely 2020.

Not this.

There is a host of questions about Prince H & Ms M’s decision.

But the biggest ones must be:

(a) who is going to pay for all this transcontinental gadding hither & thither (& carbon footprints be damned)?

(b) when are they giving up their titles, so they can work & earn their money like normal people?

And, for what it’s worth, I think it was downright rude not to consult with HM.

She is the Queen, for crying out loud, & when your sole USP is being a member of her family, it is shockingly bad manners.

Right, there you are.

My two pennies’ worth.

7 comments to Oh good Lord

  • Myriam

    I think it’s more her decision than his. I heard it this morning on the radio. Maybe one less royal to pay. ? have a beautiful day.

  • Liz

    Whatever happened to the girl from Yorkshire? It’s two penn’orth.

    With you all the way on this silly pair and their woke “friends”.

  • Penny

    TBH I couldn’t care a flying F what they do provided they don’t take money from the British public purse. And I think there is far too much coverage of this, there are so many more important things going on in the world. It’s another sop to keep the British public from questioning what is going on!

  • christine

    With you all the way, Penny. And yes, indeed, talk about a diversionary tactic!

  • christine

    You’re so right, Liz – two penn’orth it should be.

  • christine

    Sadly, Myriam, I think we are still going to be paying for them…

  • Jane Binstead

    Sorry to be late adding my two penn’orth…though we now know that this distraction is going to run and run. I do agree about the rudeness. I haven’t seen much of the media harassment, but there’s no question there was a lot of goodwill towards them both at the time of the wedding. Somehow that’s got lost, and that won’t be just one side’s fault. The tabloid media love the idea of bad feeling between Catherine and Meghan – who knows. Whether or not we want to I’m afraid we’re going to hear a lot more about it all. Just what a 93 year old monarch needs…

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