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January 19th, 2020

So, the “fairytale” is over

10 days after I blogged about Prince Harry & Ms Markle’s controversial statement that they were stepping back as senior royals, it looks like HM the Queen has sorted things out.

They are now stepping down. Not back.

No more HRH for the pair.

The British taxpayer’s money spent on their “cottage” is to be repaid.

No more representing Her Majesty.

No military duties for the Prince.

And the nicest of statements from HM, wishing them the best of British. Actually, it was a very nice, very personal statement, far more grandmotherly than monarch-y.

So, all in all, an acceptable solution, and now they are free to go to North America & earn money & once we know who’ll be paying for their security, this whole saga will be over.

I’m not sure if there is a winner in this episode, or indeed if there even needs to be a winner, but if there is – well, I posit that HM the Queen has emerged as victor.

None of that half in/half out malarkey, that the pair wanted.

No earning money & using titles, while not doing any of the boring old bread-&-butter royal work.


I think we are now pretty much done with this story…well, for the time being, at least 😛

Now perhaps Britain can get back to the important business of deciding how they are going to mark Brexit…‘struth.

3 comments to So, the “fairytale” is over

  • Myriam

    Dear Christine, the queen did the right thing. Look at Belgium. We pay a lot. Have you seen the Netflix series «the crown»? I love it. If they give in the series a true image of the queen, well, I think she is a smart women.
    How is your knee? Still hurting? You got to give it time. Wish you all the best.

  • God Save the Queen. A deserving monarch, if ever there was one. Britain is lucky to have her.

  • Annemarie Barnes

    I am so so so royally sick of turning to my BBC app in the morning and finding yet another article about Prince Whatssit and his TV star wife! It’s as bad as Brexit and Trump news, both of which bore me to tears as well. ?? You’ll excuse me if I don’t read your review on this too carefully, won’t you?? Just read the one about Bangkok movie theatres, which is more to my liking!??

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