There’s an old music hall song, that was sung by Gracie Fields I think, that went something like:

“What’s the good of a birthday if you can’t have what you like?”

Paraphrasing it slightly (well, quite a bit actually) I want to ask you all:

What’s the good of a blog, if you can’t have a good moan when you need it?

And right now, I need to moan/vent/share my fears with you all.

Everything seems so damned toxic, whichever direction one looks in.

The terrifying coronavirus epidemic.


Bloody, stupid, wasteful Brexit.

The Little England mob has won

The ever-growing polarisation in India.

I can’t even begin to highlight all the problems vexing my adopted country, India, but yesterday we had this on the streets of Delhi:

At every turn, across the globe, there seems to be racism and religion-ism and it is all unspeakably horrid.

It is all so scary and deeply worrying, from Little England to the streets of Delhi, via the horrors of a global epidemic.

So I just need to vent here, alright?

Yup, just needed to vent…a worry shared…thanks…


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