Hey! Check out this really tempting marriage ad, girls!

Hey! Check out this really tempting marriage ad, girls!

I’ve had an absolutely wonderful 2 weeks in Thailand, despite all the Coronavirus fears, and am now heading back to India, where I live (that’s for those of you who don’t know me).

Nothing says “holiday over, heading back to Delhi“ quite like an email from the taxman, which I’ve just received. For Pete’s sake, I haven’t even boarded the flight yet, and the taxman is on my case 🙁

So it is quite clearly time to slough off my Thai vibe, and plunge back into the reality of an India that seems to produce a nut job a minute.

Marriage ads have always been a source of hilarity to me, ever since I encountered them, back in 1983, on my first ever visit to India.

I used to cut out and keep the better ones in a scrapbook, I remember – hmm, wonder where that’s gone?

(Note to self: must unearth said scrapbook. It’ll be a hilarious read).

But this ad (below), which I saw on social media yesterday, takes the already unhealthily bloated Indian male ego to a whole new dimension.

What the ****!!!!

Don’t want to be too vulgar here, so I’ll leave you to fill in your own preferred insult of choice in my unfinished reply

“What a total and utter…”!


You could not make this stuff up


  1. Shukla

    Dammit Christine,
    If only I knew of such articulate vocabulary earlier, I would also have been married to a loyal, rich, powerful, extremist soul…

    You will have to die in guilt at having kept me deprived…

  2. Garima Dhamija

    Hahaha…I would have considered but I don’t possess even one of those traits (yes, I checked carefully)…Except being of the required gender…Tch tch…I feel so unfortunate..

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