Sometimes you have to pity the women of India

Sometimes you have to pity the women of India

There are millions of lovely men in India, I’m sure of it.

Nice, rational, balanced men, supportive of their womenfolk.

I’m married to one, for example. Lovely fella.

And all our male friends are nice, rational, balanced blokes.

It’s just that all we ever hear from are the stark raving loony types, who spout tripe – sadly often in the guise of religion.

I’m sitting on a (delayed) plane, waiting to fly back to Delhi, so I’m binge-reading the Indian papers, to catch up on the news.

A couple of days ago, I’d seen a horrific story on Twitter about 68 girls in a college in Gujarat being forced to strip, to prove to the authorities that they weren’t menstruating.

Now I read a story that is so revoltingly sexist and misogynistic that there isn‘t a shred of humour to be extracted from it.

Usually I find something funny in these batshit crazy utterances, but not this one, people.

Not this one.

And see?

This “Swami” is part of the sect that runs the college that forced the girls to strip.

Why do men like this hate women so much?

And – not that men like him would care – these stories are out there, in the global press (I quoted the BBC, remember?) so you can imagine what this kind of rubbish does to India’s reputation.

Why does no-one in government ever smack these men down?


  1. Lakshmi Narayan

    What’s wrong with being reborn as bitches, Christine? My Tina and Donna lived in the lap of luxury, ate the best food there was, were pampered and spoilt silly,went to spas for relaxation and bossed over other male dogs. As for cooking and slaving for men, they were alpha dogs. They certainly didn’t cook for anyone in this life and I’m doubtful if they did in their previous life either!

    1. christine

      You make a valid point about the press here, which is totally uncritical. They simply report in situations like this. No comment. No outrage. No ridicule. God forbid ridicule. So idiots never get called out.

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