It is a truth universally acknowledged…again

It is a truth universally acknowledged…again

…that if you drive through Delhi’s brutal, unforgiving traffic in a vintage car you will get nothing but smiles & positivity & thumbs ups 🙂

We put this theory to the test today, when we took Himmat’s beloved MG, Lemondrop, off to be judged for her first ever appearance at The Statesman Vintage car rally this Sunday.

Technically, you’re right, she’s a classic car, not a vintage, being a mere 50 years old.

As we drove to the judging venue, we got honks and smiles galore from fellow drivers.

A bus driver leaned right out to smile at us.

Some military driver swerving officiously in front of us, broke into a huge smile when he saw the car he’d just carved up. He even waved at me. A bloke in uniform – fancy that!

A tuktuk driver, at the traffic lights, chatted away in English, lavishing praise on the car, which was lower than him in the traffic.

Everyone who took photos as we drove past had a smile on their face.

There is definitely magic attached to a beautiful old car.

Just imagine how different & wonderful & stress-free life would be if Delhi if there were more vintage cars…

Don’t forget – if you see us on Sunday, smile & wave 🙂

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