From one Delhi Diary to another

From one Delhi Diary to another

This blog is called Delhi Diary, as you all know.

And yesterday, in the Statesman Vintage Car Rally, hubby dearest won the Delhi Diary trophy 🙂

Hello there “Delhi Diary”

Now how serendipitous is that ?

Himmat showed his beloved MG Lemondrop for the first time in the rally, since she just has just come of age to be a classic.

All dolled up & ready to go

(The Rolls took a year off, and wasn’t shown this time.)

Getting to the start line was fun, driving through Delhi’s early morning relatively empty streets…except for all the road closures…and the VIP convoy that shut the road for a bit…but the drive was still pretty:

There was a l-o-n-g wait for the VIP to show up to flag us off, and, as the youngest car, we were the last to leave.


Off we zoomed towards NOIDA, and as the navigator it was my job to, well, yeah, navigate.

Which I messed up, so we turned left instead of right at one point (or was it right instead of left?)

But whatever it was, yours truly was well & truly in the dog house, with hubby muttering about missing the check point and just-how-difficult-is-it-to-follow-Google-maps and so on and so forth.

Quite understandably.

But once we made the check point, tensions did ease somewhat.

The route wasn’t nice.

Heavy Sunday traffic – that starting delay didn’t help – and being in a low open-topped car you are surrounded by fumes and noise.

So the reality isn’t quite as sexy as it sounds.

But Lemondrop did us all proud, winning the Delhi Diary trophy, and everyone was mighty proud:

Our team, who did all of the serious work. I just collected the trophy

One happy husband:

Happiness is a lovely trophy for a lovely car

I’ve learned my lesson, from yesterday’s debacle.

If by any chance I’m allowed to be the navigator next year, will definitely do a route recce first!


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