Jyoti’s rapists are dead

Jyoti’s rapists are dead

It took 7 years, but 4 murderous rapists are dead.

The evil lowlife scum who gang-raped and eviscerated a 23 year old young woman in December 2012, were hanged this morning.

I, for one, am shedding no tears.

Nor am I entering into the rights/wrongs of capital punishment.

These men were evil personified and the world is better off without them.

Jyoti’s amazingly brave parents are better off without them.

Even today, the poor young woman is still being referred to as Nirbhaya (or “fearless”).

It was a word I found profoundly irritating from Day One.

How the hell did anyone know how that young woman felt, as these evil men raped her, shoved a metal pole inside her and pulled out her internal organs, and left her for dead on the road?

But “Nirbhaya” she has been for 7 years.

Today Jyoti Singh Pandey’s rapists paid the price for their crimes.

Rest in peace, young Jyoti.

And here’s hoping her parents can derive some healing from this morning.


  1. Bibi

    Not to belittle this but the rapists, torturers, and murders of the 8-year-old girl, Asifa Bano in Jammu were quietly tried in Pathankot. On 10 June 2019, six of the seven defendants were convicted and one acquitted. Three of those convicted were sentenced to life in prison and three to five years.

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