Today has been even stranger than other days of late.

Perhaps it was the Prime Minister’s speech last night, telling us we’re going to have a people’s curfew on Sunday.

Total curfew from 7am-9pm. Smacks of a dress rehearsal for lockdown, I think.

Perhaps it was waking up to the news that the vile Delhi gang rapists were hanged this morning.

Whatever it was, all day I’ve felt a tad melancholic.

Which is hugely self-indulgent of me, because on a scale of suffering, I am not suffering at all.

We’re all healthy, touch wood – we keep taking our temperature a couple of times a day.

Our children are safe.

Our already non-existent social life hasn’t been impacted at all 😛

I’m still going to the Biodiversity Park, and running & walking & (obviously) social distancing.

So why the melancholy?

Dunno, really.

Perhaps it’s fear for the storm that I suspect is about to come.

We’re living in a state of suspended animation, not going out, not meeting anyone, just walking in the park, and nodding at people, not stopping to chat.

Every day seems to be exactly the same – which is absolutely fine, honestly. Better that than unwanted drama and suffering.

But it’s the waiting, and the waking up every morning to news of more deaths & more misery around the world.

We’ve just learned that for the next 3 days all markets in Delhi will be closed, which is going to cause even more hardship for so many people.

Social distancing, as practised in Europe, has definitely not caught on here.

I’ll give you just one example.

As I left the park this evening, a very jolly group of about 5 or 6 women who’d been power-walking together in the park, and laughing and chatting as they did so, descended on a chai stall at the park gate for a cuppa. There were a few other people already lounging around watching while the tea was being made…so all in all about a dozen people in very close proximity…

Let me leave you with 2 images from my 2 outings to the park today, which are the highlight of my day 🙂

Early morning

Stay safe, friends. And stay strong, too.

And I promise I’ll buck up tomorrow. Pukka.


  1. Liz

    Commiserations. I’m sure many of us feel the same – a strange melancholy combined with deep gratitude that so far those nearest to us are safe.

    I believe that in any ongoing situation we move to a state of “new normal” and at that point start to feel better.

    So keep calm and carry on. And in the words of Cinderella’s mother, have courage and be kind.

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