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March 22nd, 2020

My Delhi (virus) Diary. 21st March 2020

Are your days all beginning to resemble each other?

Merging into one?

Or is it just me?

As Iโ€™ve told you here in previous blogs, before all this social distancing started, we already led exceptionally dull, quiet lives anyway.

Iโ€™m married to someone who hates going out, so mostly we don’t.

We are both retired, we work from home, and for days on end, in โ€œnormalโ€ times, my life was only punctuated by running group.

Then, for reasons too tedious to rehash, last year most people left running group/coaches came/coaches went/the sessions reduced to just once a week – and then I got injured.

When I recovered enough to rejoin, the Coronavirus arrived.

And that was that.

My one outing a week cancelled ๐Ÿ˜›

I promptly joined a gym, actually got to go out 3 times for one heady week ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes – the virus happened and so those outings also stopped ๐Ÿ˜›

Good thing I like the solitary life!

So now all my days follow the same quiet rhythm.

An early morning slow run in the park, where I don’t talk to people.

Work from home.

Evening walk in the park, where I don’t talk to people.

Today was exactly the same.

Empty streets on the way to the Biodiversity Park.

More masks in evidence than other days.

Fab early morning 11km walk/run, where I saw more peacocks than you can shake a stick at.

No jackals though today.

The early morning temperatures are perfect at this time the year, and with the unusually blue skies, it makes you forget the worrying situation for a while.

Totally socially-distanced myself from everybody, not even pausing when a man called out, “Which country you are from?”

“England,” I shouted over my shoulder as I ran on.

Another walk in the evening, where I actually passed a runner I know and am friends with, but we both just called out “hello” & didn’t stop.

Running in these virused times.

The only variation to today’s routine was when 2 very dear friends announced they were calling round to have a drink with us in the evening.

They have been rigorously self isolating, and they live in an apartment complex which no longer allows part-timers and outsiders to enter, so we reckoned it was safe to meet.

No hugging, no handshakes, no sitting too close.

But even so, I did catch myself wondering whether we were all being foolish.

Socialising in these virused times.

Tomorrow we have a 14 hour long “People’s Curfew”, suggested by the Prime Minister and it looks all set to be followed.

So no park, no peacocks, no jackals tomorrow…

Stay safe, everyone.

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