Well, this has been the strangest Mother’s Day ever.

Confined to barracks, children miles away, 16 hour curfew which, before it was even over, became full lockdown for the rest of the month.

Yeah, as Mother’s Days go, this was pretty underwhelming.

I shared the news about the lockdown with you here, but to give it some context, let me tell you how this odd day devolved.

The Prime Minister had announced a voluntary 14 hour “People’s Curfew”, which was pretty much followed, all over the country.

All day long, amazing images kept pouring in of empty streets and deserted cities, in this otherwise noisy, non-stop-on-the-go country.

So a blissfully quiet day, with no traffic and just bird song – such a treat in Delhi.

The PM had also asked people to make a noise at 5pm to show the nation’s appreciation for health workers etc.

And let me just state for the record here: this is such an Indian thing, right, making a noise?

Couldn’t we all have been asked to stand quietly and meditate?

Or pray for our health workers?

But I guess the visuals wouldn’t have been as good.

So noise it was.

Anyway, as soon as much of the country had banged their pots & pans, & tinkled their bells, & blown their conch shells, terrifying numbers of people then poured onto the streets to…well, I dunno really…

To party?

To sing?

To dance?

To celebrate the fact that 5 minutes of banging metal vessels had dealt the virus a crippling blow?

Of all the half-baked plans to combat the virus, this one takes the biscuit.

For God’s sake, the damned curfew hadn’t even finished, but off these idiots went to dance and sing, and the whole thing is such a disaster waiting to happen.

Why in God’s name couldn’t the PM – who certainly knows how to get people to obey his orders – why couldn’t he have foreseen what might happen and added a caveat – “after you’ve made that 5 minutes of noise for the exhausted health works, stay inside. Do not go outside…”

It feels as though any possible good that might have been done by everyone staying indoors, was wiped out by this stupidity.

I’m sharing a few examples of the moronic behaviour, which clearly indicates that many people in India have NOT understood the seriousness of this killer virus.

This one (below) is even scarier because you have a damned cop blowing a conch shell, in the midst of a crowd. The very people who should be breaking up these gatherings, are encouraging them.

You want to weep.

And let’s end with this completely batshit crazy individual, who clearly amused the Chinese 😛

So, to round off a damp squib of a Mother’s day – what did we do?

Stayed home, obviously.

Cancelled our yoga classes.

And I ran up and down the stairs by way of cardio exercise.

Stay safe, everyone.

Wash those hands!

Keep that social distance!

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  1. Annemarie

    I saw those dancing crowds! Moronic idiots! I know, classic redundancy but deserving nonetheless! What is there not to understand about this virus, social distancing and necessary isolation? I would not put all the blame on your government – there is such a thing as personal responsibility and good sense!

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