It’s official.

The days have all morphed into one another.

It’s Tuesday (I think) and I’m trying to write this diary blog about yesterday, but already I can hardly remember anything that distinguished yesterday from today nor from the day before…

Christine. For God’s sake, woman. Get a grip.

There may be weeks of this kind of life ahead, so getting so easily vague & confused already is worrisome.

Think, woman, think!

What. Happened. Yesterday?

What distinguished Monday from today?

Pause while I check my Instagram feeds to see what I posted, hoping that will help 😛

Ah yes, NOW I remember.

Yesterday, Monday, was Day One of Delhi being in full lockdown.

My usual Monday markers of a yoga class and a massage didn’t happen. Obviously.

Since we’re not allowed to leave the house, I “ran” up and down my roof terrace with my energetic puppy Leia for company.

Check us out on my personal feed or my running feed. She nearly tripped me up this morning, but that will have to wait for the next diary entry 😛

Yesterday was an achingly gorgeous Delhi day – the flowers in bloom, a deep blue sky, blissful silence because of the lockdown, just bird song, and all I wanted to do was to head to the Biodiversity Park for a run.

Which obviously I can’t do, so I trotted up and down our roof terrace and then – ah yes, NOW I remember!! – I ran for a while on my nice new treadmill.

The treadmill was bought for the coming summer days when it is way too hot to train outdoors, and also for winter, when the filthy air quality keeps us all indoors.

Never did I think I’d be using it during one of the very few perfect weather months in Delhi… 🙁

But there you are.

Needs must.

Got the treadmill working, under the eagle eye of The Puppy, but to my disappointment I missed the photo of the moment when Leia jumped onto the treadmill, and promptly fell off in shock!

Watched the BBC news. Shouted at Boris Johnson, which always releases a certain amount of tension.

Boris Johnson – so, so shoutable at!

More roof top walking and jogging, more picture editing work at my computer, more checking of the news…and then, I got such a nice email from university friends I haven’t seen in years, checking up.

There are very, very few positives to this awful predicament we are all in.

The quiet is one.

The cleaner air is another.

And the fact that we are all reaching out to each other and checking in. We’re all more caring, I think.

And that can only be for the good, because – sad to say – I think we all have a ways to go yet, in this terrible fight against Coronavirus.

Yeah, so there you are.

Day One of Lockdown.

Blue skies + a bit of exercise + quite a bit of editing + feeling re-connected to old friends…

Stay safe, everyone!

And yes – do keep in touch and/or get in touch. It would be lovely 🙂


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