Earlier today, Thursday morning, I left the house for the first time since Saturday.

Literally haven’t even opened the gate and stood on the street.

But today, thanks to an injured puppy, I drove to the vet – which is 100% legit & allowed, by the way.

Here’s the clip I shared on my Instagram story

I waited 3 days to see if the swelling would go on its own, but since it was much larger this morning, off we went through incredibly, unbelievably, weirdly quiet streets.

Like so:

There was a police barrier leaving my colony, and the young cop just smiled & waved me through, when I told him, in Hindi, that I was taking my sick dog to the vet.

One or 2 other vehicles on the roads.

One or 2 people walking.

And such amazing quietness.

At a second police checkpost, there were 2 cars & 2 motorbikes (& 2 cops) – they questioned both bikers, didn’t even glance at the cars, and let everyone through.

And that was that.

No check posts on the return trip.

All the streets were empty, other than for sweepers and street cleaners and in all these years, I have NEVER seen this bit of south Delhi looking so spic and span.

In the little shopping centre in Anand Niketan where my vet is, there were a couple of taxis parked. A Sikh cabbie was reciting his prayers while he sat inside his cab.

The only place open in the shopping centre was the vet – and they’re only open in the mornings during the lockdown, rather than twice a day, as in normal times.

About 4 people with their pets were waiting to see the vet, everyone was wearing masks, and sitting at social distances.

Even the chairs outside, where I sat waiting, had been spaced out.

A sign asked us to use hand sani before going in, which we did.

Leia had her hydroma drained and dressed and antibiotic-ed.

She got her deworming meds.

I bought deworming meds for Tommy + shampoo & toothpaste + chews for the dogs in case the lockdown is longer than we think.

I think the dogs are sorted for the next few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

Drove back through the same empty, clean streets.

I know the streets are deserted for all the wrong reasons, but boy was it restful.

And the trip was so quick, with no traffic – definitely didn’t miss the usual non-stop honking and aggressive driving.

Seeing how the city can look, when not being abused by her citizens, it would be wonderful to think that, once this horrid crisis is over and done with, we might all emerge a little less aggressive, less prone to road rage, less prone to littering…


    1. Annemarie Barnes

      Bernard Bahout I continued to call my dog my puppy until the day she died, age 8.5 yrs – just like we might still think of our kids as our babies, long after theyโ€™ve grown up and left the nest!?

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