My Delhi (virus) Diary. 27th March 2020

My Delhi (virus) Diary. 27th March 2020

Am I the only person who doesn’t know what day of the week it is?

The only person who’s not sleeping that well?

The only person who is checking Twitter too often?

The only person hearing from old friends after the longest time?

The only person getting emotional when watching videos of – well, just about anything?

Today has been another weird up-and-down-y kind of day.

On the one hand…

Fab weather this morning, with lots of rain and the temperature plummeted.

So that was good.

But on the flip side…

Ever more horrific reports online of the Indian police beating up poor people who are walking back to their villages, ever since the powers that be arbitrarily shut down all transport with no notice.

You want to weep.

I want to weep a lot of the time in India, to be honest, but the images of cops punishing people for being poor are awful.

The government can send Air India to evacuate Indians stranded overseas but couldn’t be arsed to lay on buses to take daily labourers and construction workers back to their homes?


But on the other hand…

The mood gets lifted from this pall of gloom, by a photo of a civet crossing a deserted street in the south Indian state of Kerala, and a nilgai on the streets of Noida, a satellite town next to Delhi.

AND it’s using the zebra crossing, bless it

Almost as though once we are all off the road and confined to our homes, nature comes to reclaim what’s hers.

Then, yet again, your heart sinks…

…as you are confronted with the paucity of compassion (AND social distancing) in our government.

What public demand?

It’s almost a “let them eat cake’ stance.

Replay a popular 1980s religious epic on the telly.

That’ll keep ’em all happy.

That’ll make ’em forget about the thousands of people walking back to their villages, with no food, no shelter an no money.

And then all of a sudden…

The birds are singing away like crazy, and the air quality is good.

The rain has given way to an amazingly blue sky & your heart sings.

So, yes, that’s been my day.

And I suppose life is going to be like this for the foreseeable future.

Ups and downs.

Tears and smiles.

Stay safe, everyone!

And stay home!


  1. Eden Brown

    Loved this. Especially the civet crossing on the lines. You are not the only person who doesn’t know what day it is. I am sleeping quite nicely, since there are no overflying jets at 6 a.m. I am hearing from old friends after a long time. Some of them “REPLY ALL” to the simplest direct comment one t’other. You are not the only one checking every feed they have too many times a day, all to avoid cleaning out closets. Am I the only one with a dog who feels something is amiss? Dogs know.

  2. Meenal

    Christine, you covered everything that probably a whole lot of us have been feeling and experiencing. Rest assured, you are not the only one being weirded out by this most unusual time in our lives. Some one should compose an anthem for these times. It could be titled “When the days have no names”

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