My Delhi ‘hood. 29th March 2020

My Delhi ‘hood. 29th March 2020

Scene setting

My Delhi street. Sunday. 7.30am.

I am on the drive, practising my “sprints” with The Bonkers Puppy – here, check us out!

In normal times, the street would anyways be pretty quiet, since the local school 3 doors away would obviously be closed on a Sunday.

For the record, the school is a HUGE noise polluter, with their wretched fleets of buses and endless procession of cars, picking up children.

So yes, early Sunday would be quiet.

But these are lockdown times.

And people are still out and about – though fewer than yesterday.

It was blissfully quiet.

Bird song galore.

No incessant blaring of horns – but possibly still too many people out and about.

Let’s see how things evolve over the coming days…


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