My Delhi ‘hood. 30th March 2020

My Delhi ‘hood. 30th March 2020

As I stood at the gate of our house this cool Monday morning, doing heel raises on the step, I looked out at what seemed to be an overly busy street (this is supposed to be a lockdown, right?).

So I propped my phone against my water bottle, and recorded Monday morning rush hour for you.



The figure emerging about half-way through is young Basant, returning after taking our puppy Leia for a 2 minute walk.

And the leaf sweeping, by the way, is Nar Bahadur.

The rubbish collectors will be by later, to gather up the piles of leaves left outside each house.

I wish we could use the leaves for mulch or whatever, but old habits die hard.

That’s what we do.

We sweep the leaves, and any other rubbish strewn outside the house, into a pile, and it gets collected, later on.

I wish we could have separate bins for garden waste, which could then perhaps be used by the local authorities for the district parks, but in these Covid-19 times, realistically, any new initiatives won’t happen.

While filming AND doing my heel raises (go me!), Bahadur told me that there is enforced social distancing at the local market, just down the street. Only one person at a time in a shop. There are cops, apparently, to ensure that people stand apart from each other.

Good to know.

Apparently the cops don’t stop people from walking their dogs, which is also good to know.

But – the street is still quite busy, for a lockdown, right?

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