99 & absolutely not out!

99 & absolutely not out!

I give you due warning – if you’re like me, you’ll cry when you watch the video at the end of this post.

I’d probably have cried anyway, but in these terrible Coronavirus times, this is a story of such grit and such generosity, that it touches the heart.

Captain Tom Moore, a few days shy of his 100th birthday, has single-handedly raised over £12 million for NHS charities in the UK, by slowly walking up and down his garden, using his walker.

NHS, for non-Brits, is the National Health Service – one of the marvels of the country.

The good captain set out to raise £1,000 by doing 100 laps of his garden, at the rate of 10 laps a day.

This morning, with over £12 million raised, the 99-year-old finished his 100th lap with a guard of honour from the 1st Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment (cue proud Yorkshire lass = me).

And the wonderful Captain is going to continue fund raising.

Listen to the lovely tribute to him from his daughter:

“He’s a stoic Yorkshireman, he’s an unruffled straight-down-the-line kind of person and has embraced this adventure as the next stage of his life.

I believe that life is all about purpose, we all need purpose, and, whilst he’s had a life full of purpose, he did fall and break his hip and became much less independent than he had been for the preceding 98 years, and what you have done, the British public, and everyone who’s supported him, is giving him his next purpose.

“He is articulate, he’s alive, he’s doing this and I think he’ll do this until everyone says ‘Stop, don’t do it any more’.”

This is a brilliant, totally wonderful story, and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried watching the video.

A true hero 🙂


  1. Angela Meredith

    I have been watching him on breakfast TV. He is about to hit the top of the singles chart with Michael Ball and NHS staff and a version of You’ll Never Walk Alone. Here’s to his next 100 years.

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