An update from my lockdown kitchen garden. And it’s not brilliant

An update from my lockdown kitchen garden. And it’s not brilliant

Luckily for us, in our Delhi ‘hood, we can still get fresh food, even in these locked down days.

Our scruffy DDA market is a mere 300 metres away, there are fruit sellers in the street, so we are OK.

In point of fact, one bloke was right outside my gate this morning selling fruit:

Waiting for customers

The meat shops in the market closed down on Day One of lockdown, but since I’m a vegetarian, selfishly, it bothers me none.

However, wondering hypothetically what might happen should our area become one of the increasing number of Delhi Covid-19 hotspots, which are then sealed off, I decided to see what we are growing on our terrace and balconies that could feed us all.

Never mind all those gorgeous roses that my naughty puppy loves to chew. Let’s see what is edible, shall we? Worst case scenario and all that.

And the result is as follows.

We are 100% self sufficient in:

  1. Lemons

2. Kumquats

3. Lemongrass

4. Not-yet ripe apricots

5. Curry leaves

And that would appear to be that.


Clearly, we would need government-delivered food parcels, should we ever, God forbid, become a hotspot.

We have made nimbu pani with my FAMOUS home grown lemons.

Just this morning, I had a nimbu pani with my home grown lemons

You do all remember the story of the FAMOUS Lemon tree, don’t you?

The tree that I grew & that the gardener says HE grew, but he didn’t because I grew it….sorry, sorry, I know, really must get a grip.

The mali & I have been good-naturedly feuding for years over my lovely lemon tree.

Ever since it first fruited, in fact.

Mali always sneered at my lovingly-grown-from-a-pip plant telling me nothing would ever come of it. And for years nothing did.

Then one year, bingo!


And suddenly it was no longer MY plant but HIS.

“Madam, you don’t understand, I planted this, not you…”

Bhola Ram cleverly tried to change the narrative, but I am having NONE of it. Which is why, every year, we have a little squabble about MY lemon tree.

Yes, sorry, wandered off a bit – where was I?

Oh right – feeding my family from my home grown produce.

So, yes, we’ve made nimbu pani from MY tiny, seedless lemons.

We have made kumquat squash from my lovely kumquats.

We have made lemongrass tea from my…you get the picture 😛

Clearly, we have enough home grown stuff to drink, but we’re desperately lacking the edible stuff.

Once the apricots are ripe, we can always eat them.

Not sure what we can do with the curry leaves, though, if there ain’t anything to put in the curry 😛


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