Update on Mission Feed My Family in Lockdown

Update on Mission Feed My Family in Lockdown

Since just about everything has been making me weepy and emotional this last couple of days, I’m steering well clear of Coronavirus stuff today.

Instead, I thought I’d give you an update you on my Delhi garden and how the whole Feed My Family in this crisis thingy is doing. (Not well is the short answer).

It’s been almost a month since I told you that I could feed my family only with lemons, kumquats, lemongrass and curry leaves.

And olives, of course. My world-famous olives.

I don’t have a garden per se – the lawn and flower beds that sometimes feature on my Insta running feed – belong to my mother-in-law, who lives on the ground floor, so my “garden” consists of zillions of pots on my balconies and on the roof terrace.

The roof terrace is A Lifesaver, let me add. 51 days of not being allowed outside the property definitely makes one appreciate things like a terrace.

Early mornings and evenings are when I exercise outdoors – it’s hotting up here – and as I trot round and round the terrace, I dead-head, and generally enjoy my patch of greenery amidst the concrete jungle.

The rising heat has taken its inevitable toll on my flowers. Other than bougainvillea, most other stuff has wilted and dried up, most notably the flamboyant bird of paradise, & the roses that my puppy Leia so loved to eat.

Even the kumquats have finished producing, so that’s another major food source gone 🙁

This is my LAST kumquat!

Basically, the “Can I Feed my Family in A Crisis” scenario is looking very bleak.

I have lots of lemons.

I have lots of lemongrass.

I have celery.

And the olives are growing, bless them.

But the unavoidable conclusion is that the only thing I could feed everyone is cocktail trimmings – lemons, olives, and celery for a Bloody Mary 😛

On the plus side, I do have some seriously big, impressive guava bushes – grown myself from seeds (apologies for boasting) – but they’re not yet fruiting.

The guava bushes are flowering, so who knows, perhaps I can soon add guavas to the family diet.

But for now, it’s lemongrass tea & lemons & celery & curry leaves.

Thank goodness we have a market just down the street!

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