Shops? Open? Yes? No?

Shops? Open? Yes? No?

As if life were not confusing and bizarre enough already, the Indian Government, in its infinite wisdom, stirred things up a little more last night.

Quick recap. The whole of India is in lockdown until May 3rd.

But – and God alone knows why – at MIDNIGHT they issued new rules about shops opening.

Like so:


Really? What was the need for such dramatic timing?

But anyway, this is what happened, all dramatic-y, and when we woke up, we all got our Twitter alerts.

I, for one, wondered aloud (well, on Twitter) whether this meant that I could now drive to my favourite bookshop (it’s a bit far to walk, even for me 😛 )

Lots of speculation online – and even in person between hubby, our Bahadurs & yours truly, as we quickly decided what we should pop out and buy.

We were all pleased that now we’d be able to get the battery for the faulty UPS in my home office.

I wondered whether perhaps our local market might even have shade cloth, since my poor plants are burning up, and our old shade cloth has been ripped to shreds in the recent strong winds.

Might also be able to buy a few new plant pots, to replace those that blew over and smashed during the same storm.

Life was beginning to look up, though I was unsure what the rules were about driving to said shops…visions of carrying a dozen plant pots…

And then.


A clarification was issued to the midnight order.

And things are not at all as they seemed :

Jeez, fellas.

Just take your time, think things through and then issue coherent orders, once and for all.

This flip-flopping ain’t good.

What on earth was the reason for a dramatic midnight ordinance anyway?

So, no battery, no shade cloth, no plant pots, no books.

We will sit tight, stay home, and see how this develops.


  1. Julian Parr

    Total communication shambles – the rule of thumb in our colony is if you have money, car and driver you continue with life as normal – our colony have all retained their servants who wander around maskless and at night there is party after party, my neighbour opposite unloaded two cases of whiskey from the boot of his car the other night. The rich are always different…

  2. Inder Jit Singh

    There is essential and non essential..then there are the other states and then there is Delhi .then there is the pms chat with cms 27th after which Kej will other states with less morbidity are opening faster than Delhi which is vulnerable

  3. Vikram Tandon

    Surely you know, midnight for the drama, newspaper headlines, TVs screaming, pushing out everything else on a brand new day. Who knows, maybe astrology too. Astrology with a sip of gaumutra.

  4. Ram Venkataraman

    i swear it is too much of drama – first they issue an order, then a clarification, then a further clarification on e-commerce/ liquor – is it too much to ask the babus to think through and then write down the rule. And everyday the rule is being changed like in DeMo times.

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