“Unlock Delhi, we’re ready”

“Unlock Delhi, we’re ready”

That was the dramatic banner headline in my morning paper today.

As I read those brave words by our Chief Minister, I had a (very selfish) sense of foreboding.

As someone who is protected from the horrors of lockdown – we have a home, we have food – I have been (yes, selfishly) revelling in the unexpected side effects. The deep blue skies, the clean air, the blessed quiet, and oh, the incessant bird song.

People who follow me on Instagram will be familiar with my daily Insta story about my uber-noisy neighbours – aka the tailor birds who are busy building a nest on my balcony.

It has been a very wonderful experience, to be able to breathe clean air and to be deafened by bird song, in this otherwise noisy, polluted city.

So, with this morning’s headline in mind, I decided to go film the lockdown traffic in my street (something I have also shared on Instagram, and here in the blog in the early days of lockdown).

So I time-lapsed my street at what would normally be Monday morning busy rush hour:

Fast forward 4 hours.

Sitting working in my office, I’d noticed more and more noise coming from the street – lots of car horns, which have fallen blessedly silent these past locked-down weeks.

So I went to check.

Same view of my street:

The booze shop in our local market had opened, and there was a noisy traffic jam of note, & huge queues – a kilometre long, Bahadur told me, and he’d already seen a report about our market on the telly.


Total insanity.

This is our market. On Twitter…

Just LOOK at the non-social distancing in this photo.

I later heard that the cops closed the booze shop down.

Didn’t anyone think this through, for Pete’s sake?

What a mess.

Are we locked down or not?

Can we now roam freely around, 2 weeks before lockdown is scheduled to end?

I fear not, Mr. Chief Minister.

I fear we are absolutely not ready.


  1. Madhuri

    It would be absolute madness to open Delhi. There will be a surge of the virus and things will get worse. This is not going away in weeks or months. This will take about 18months for a shift to happen. What we do now across the world will make the difference for the future. USA (thanks to the buddhoo in chief) is suffering greatly! Don’t be like America.

  2. Christine Pemberton

    No Vikram, not their madness. The organisational madness. As a politician you should know your city, right? In which case put the systems in place to deal with this kind of situation. It was crazy

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