Of booze & flower petals

Of booze & flower petals

On Sunday, I told you about the Indian Air Force showering rose petals on hospitals to say thank you.

Yesterday, I told you about the crazy queues and traffic jams because our local booze shop opened up.

Today, quite marvellously, these stories dovetail, in a delightfully Indian way.

Let me explain.

Despite the government hiking the price of booze today by 70%, (yup, you read that right – a 70% hike), there were still lots of people queuing for booze this morning.

And there was a wonderful man there, showering them with flower petals, and thanking them for being the economy of the country 🙂

This whole video, from the Hindustan Times, is interesting, as it tells you about the whole booze situation here in Delhi.

But I do so love the petal-showering bloke, bless him.

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