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May 12th, 2020

And the countdown to yet another announcement starts

Here in India we have a Prime Minister who does not believe in press conferences. To the best of my knowledge, in the 6 years since he became PM, he has never given a live press conference.

But what Mr. Modi does like to do is make speeches.

Mr. Modi also likes to Address the Nation.

He also likes to announce in advance that he is going to Address the Nation.

Thus it is that we all know that at 8pm tonight, Mr. Modi is going to Address the Nation.

One imagines Mr. Modi will tells us more about lockdown, which is due to end on the 17th May. Just to recap, for non Indian readers, the whole country has been locked-down since 25th March, and those of us in Delhi since the 22nd.

But Covid-19 cases are on the increase.

And the economy is in dire straits.

So it’s anyone’s guess what our PM will say tonight when he Addresses the Nation.

I sincerely hope he addresses the issue of the millions of stranded, desperate migrant labour, cut adrift without any thought to their well-being when our PM gave 4 hours notice of lockdown.

I suspect he will announce that red zones will continue to be locked-down, but that orange and green zones will see further easing of restrictions. Since the whole of Delhi is classified as red, I’m not expecting much in that department.

Anyway, dear reader, all will be revealed in a few hours.

Until then, the suspense is thrilling.

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