Your Hindi word of the day: Aatmanirbhar

Your Hindi word of the day: Aatmanirbhar

As I told you here, a mere 24 hours ago, the Prime Minister of India Addressed the Nation last night.

Sadly, he didn’t really address the tragedy of the migrant workers, nor did he tell us anything definite about lockdown, other than that our Chief Ministers will make the decisions (c-l-e-v-e-r).

But Mr. Modi did use some pretty hi-falutin’ words.


My Hindi is OK for general conversation, but not for long political speeches, so I took the cowardly way out and “watched” via Twitter, where there are always kind souls who translate and précis Mr. Modi’s speeches.

In a multi-lingual country that is India, it would be nice if there could be translations into regional languages and English. Not everyone speaks posh Hindi.

Read what the Mumbai Mirror had to say on the subject:


At least I wasn’t alone.

So “aatmanirbhar” means self-reliant.

Now I KNOW “aatma” means “soul”. As in Mahatma Gandhi.

And I think “ni-” as a suffix means “without”.

So we have “soul” + “without”…or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

Hmm, I think I am.

Nirbhar means depend, or reliant. (Hey, I’m quoting the dictionary here, folk. Don’t shoot the messenger!)

So, let’s see what this combo gives us:

“soul + reliant”

“soul + depend”

–> self-reliant.

Hokay. I’ll take it.

My Hindi vocal has just improved exponentially.

One day, inshallah, I will be

of dictionaries, and impressive words like these will flow from my lips 😛


  1. Beverly Brar

    There’s a great forward going around which adds “aatmanirbhar” as a relationship status choice on FB
    In a relationship

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