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May 16th, 2020

Well, this aged well, didn’t it?

So there we have it. Official predictions were for ZERO cases by today.

As I write (17.30 on 16th May) this is the reported situation in India;

God help us all.

And everyone is chomping at the bit for curfew to be lifted, or at least considerably eased, when it runs out tomorrow night.

As I said, God help us all.

4 comments to Well, this aged well, didn’t it?

  • Bibi

    Dr. VK Paul, Chairman of Empowered Group 1 is not saying much about his predictions on his magical chart up there.
    No one is certain of what data or mathematical model Dr Paul used to generate that gray line abruptly curve downward to zero.
    Perhaps we needed to bang more pots to implement that curve?

  • Kiran

    Delhi numbers Re deaths are about double what is stated on the chart Christine. One of the online papers got the actual numbers from the cemeteries and graveyards on how many were cremated/interred using Covid protocols.

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