Poor dear India is being battered on all fronts.

Coronavirus, which is ramping up its evil effects day after day.

A migrant labour crisis of such epic proportions, and all brought about by the callousness of a government which closed a country down with 4 hours’ notice.

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Almost 2 months ago to the day, the Prime Minister announced that India was being locked down.

In 4 hours.

People like me, with a home & food in the fridge, scrambled to prepare. The plight of the millions of migrant workers all over the country, many living rough as they try to earn a livelihood, was simply not factored in.

The result?

Almost 8 weeks later, these poor people are still trying to get home to their villages, ignored by the government, used as political pawns while states bicker over who is/is not supplying buses to ferry them home.

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Millions are walking in the summer heat, penniless and hungry. They die in accidents. Their children die.

It is a disaster of unimaginable proportions, and one that could have been largely avoided had the government thought things through. Announce a lockdown in a few days, arrange transport, and then proceed.

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Not 4 hours.

But the current disasters pummeling India cannot be blamed on the government – a cyclone, a heatwave and a plague of locusts.

When will it all stop?

It is almost Biblical in its intensity, this wave of misery unleashed on an already miserable country.

Columns of people walking in the heat, heading back to the poor villages they left in search of a better life.

And those of us safe in our urban lives sit and wonder when the economy will restart…when the millions of people who fuel that same economy are walking back home.

Poor India. Governed by a callous system, and battered by forces that even a government cannot control.


  1. Penny

    A typhoon in Philippines last week, cyclone hits India and Bangladesh this week, I was wondering what would happen when a ‘normal’ disaster huts in the middle of this worldwide pandemic. Hardly a mention on TV news. We are horrified by the carelessness of our own gvmt and the news is full of numbers and reports of failings and tragedies, and rightly so. But I do hope we have some compassion left for those who at the beginning of this pandemic had very little hope of maintaining any social distancing to start with and now have lost everything.

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