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May 23rd, 2020

“This beautiful feat of endurance and love…”

Thus tweeted one Ivanka Trump, an American woman with a famous surname.

Ms Trump was tweeting about the case of a 15 year old Indian girl who cycled 1200km in 7 days with her injured father on her bike, because there was no other way for them to get home.

The very fact that a minor girl child and a disabled man were left to fend for themselves in this manner is hideous, Ms Trump.

Hideous. Shameful. Callous. Scandalous.

Jyoti “endured” because they had no choice.

They were part of the huge mass of poor migrant labour who were cut adrift by the government when lockdown was dramatically announced with just 4 hours’ notice.

The Indian Prime Minister who sure does like a dramatic, headline-seizing announcement, locked India down with, as I said, 4 hours’ notice. And the Jyoti Kumaris of the world be damned.

The fact that this young girl and her father travelled across the country, through any number of districts and states, and no-one in authority intervened to help them, also speaks volumes about the way the wheels of government work.

If there is any glimmer of hope in this desperate story, it is that the Indian Cycling Federation apparently wants to test the child. Who knows, perhaps for this amazing young girl, something good might actually come out of their poverty and desperate straits.

According to Ms Trump’s tone-deaf tweet, Jyoti’s feat “has captured the imagination of the Indian people”.

It sure has, honey, but not in the way you think.

It is yet another reminder – as if we need any more – of the callous and evil way millions of Indians were abandoned by their government.

Lots of us, me included, took Ms Trump to task this morning on Twitter.

I was proud of the way people piled into Ms Trump, calling her out for her beyond-insensitive tweet.

I doubt Ms Trump will bother to reply to all of us who have criticised her tweet, though.

As you can see, this is courtesy of the BBC

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